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ODD 2.5" HDD/SSD adaptor

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Good morning everyone,


Just out of curiosity, has anyone mounted one of these optical drive shaped 2.5" HHD/SSD adaptors?

If so, could anyone suggest a link of one proven to work on the MicroServer?


I can see there are practically a couple of types, either 9.5 or 12.7 millimetres tall, though they all seem to have the same shape.

Which one is the correct height to fit the MicroServer slot?


Also, the MicroServer has that retention lever on top, that is meant to keep the optical disk in place.

Is there an adaptor that has a recess to allow for that to lock it in place?


On eBay I saw these, does anybody know if they work?


So far I left the drive just there, but it started to bother me that it is not firmly locked.


Thank you. 

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The ODD on a MS Gen8 is 9.5mm.

Also you will likely need to change your cables as this adapter will likely use a ODD SATA cable.

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I had one in the very early days of owning a Gen8 but unfortunately I can't remember anything about it. I got rid of it once i realised it wasn't necessary and took up too much room that could be used for additional SSDs. Unless you move the server around regularly its not a necessity to have the SSD nailed down IMO. YMMV

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Thank you @schoondoggy and @E3000.


I used to have 2 SSDs there, hooked to a P420 and connected via a SAS to 4-Sata cable.

Though once I moved all the drives to the DL380 and repurposed the MicroServer I though to use it with a single SSD in the ODD bay and 4 SAS drives in the cage and though it would have been nice to have the SSD properly sat in place.


Thank you both for the tips!

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