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CES 2021 - The Digital "Rona" Edition


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You signing up for this @Dave?


CES 2021 - The Global Stage for Innovation


Not sure if you could "Employ" people so they can register and get a few other people on there to give their opinions etc, or if, it being online, the lot will be viewable at any time, so you can see everything where normally you would walk about and see just those that you wanted due to time constraints etc..


Worst thing about it, no goodie bags tho :(

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I'm 1/2 way registered. I probably should finish it but I don't know how much I'm going to be paying attention. I'll probably just watch the newswire and see what comes up. Last year was going to be my last. (for real this time) I may look at next year if there isn't a new "rona" going around.


Best thing is for everyone to watch the new and post about it so we can discuss. I like hearing what you guys think.

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