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'Potential' deal, Dell Precision Workstation Tower 3420 barebones CTO under $100


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This is one of those deals that is only a deal if you need it. When setting up PFsense, Untagle or Sophos I like using small form factor desktops. In the past I always seemed to have one laying around that was good enough to meet the specs required. If you needed to buy something for this use I have found these to work well, They are small, but they offer a lot of functions, compatible with a broad range of CPU, four DIMM slots, M.2 slot, two PCIe slots:


Major limitation for actually using it as a workstation, the PCIe x16 slot is positioned to make it impossible to use a dual slot video card. Single slot LP only, which make sense due to the small power supply.

Someone always seems to have these barebones, no CPU, no memory, no drives, for around $100 including shipping:

Barebone Dell Precision 3420 SFF Case Workstation / Motherboard / Power Supply | eBay

If you don't have CPU, memory, drive laying around, there seems to be configured units, i5, 8GB memory, 256GB SSD and Win10Pro for under $225:

Dell Precision Tower 3420 Core i5 6th Gen 8GB 256GB SSD DVDRW Win10Pro 30d Wnty | eBay 

I have a use case that does not require much storage, but needs a healthy amount of CPU and memory for VM's and Dockers. I may look at loading down one of these with a XEON and lots of memory.

Not an Earth shattering deal, but depending on your use case, a very stable well supported and reliable platform.



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