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Microserver Gen8 slowly dying


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i have had my Gen 8 microserver for quiet a few years now and its run trouble free during this time, switched on 24/7, however these last few days have not been kind to the machine.


I am currently booting ESXi 6.7 from a internal USB thumbdrive, the machine is upgraded to 16GB ram with no other hardware changes.


I have four drives in the machine, two of them configured as a striped array (these are 2TB WD Green drives), a 2TB WD Red drive, configured as a single drive and a small SSD configured as its own and located in the CD/DVD bay.


Last week one of the 2TB WD Green drives (striped array) started failing. Yes this is the array with all the key data on it. The issue was found because Plex media server crashed and hung the Linux VM.


The other single drive had enough space to take all the VMs, so I got my backups and restored them all and back back running again. It took a while to restore but thankfully the backups were good.


Now the fun starts, I cannot launch Intelligent provisioning or the array configuration utility they all crash and cause a red screen. The iLO storage NAND is corrupt and despite trying multiple guides online, no amount of resetting, force formatting can overcome the dead NAND. All the HP tools are stored on this and now corrupt.


I found a 2013 offline ISO of HPSSA which boots fine so I can at least modify the array, delete the array containing the failed drive.


This got me thinking, I boot ESXi from USB and it's regularly patched. This thumb drive is also many years old, still working today but for how much longer.


I wonder what is the newest offline ISO version of HPSSA is available, is it worth continuing with this machine or simply replace. I also tried recovering intelligent provisioning using the recovery disk but that fails as it cannot write to the onboard NAND.


iLO still works for remote control purposes, but it is in a degraded state in the console.

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