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Remote Start System for Cars


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I'm wondering if anyone here has expertise/experience with remote starters for cars. Or perhaps you know another forum that would have answers.


I'm looking for a remote start system for my 2 vehicles. I like what I see from the Compustar Pro R5 with Drone Mobile, but I'm open to other options. I really like the proximity unlock feature and the ability to control from a smart phone. 


I have a 2010 Ford Focus and a 2019 Kia Sorento and I really want one system that works on both cars.




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You could in theory make your own, both cars will have a canbus system on them, you could find out the controls required to start the car, put in a pcan and some sort of wireless, and then build an app to install on your phone and you could do anything to your car from that app.

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I have installed a commercially available (Astrostart) remote starter on my diesel truck back in 2004.  The seller gave me all the instructions including pictures of the wire harnesses / colors.  It wasn’t difficult to do with all the instructions provided.  Always solder the wires to the vehicles harness and never use the mechanical crimp on splices (they will fail).


Most companies that sell remote starters want their pro installers / dealers to install them in vehicles.


I would think you could get one system that works in both cars.  Have you tried asking your question of Compustar customer service?

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