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Possible Abandoned Backup Files?


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Something I've been wondering for a while (due to what seems to be a large 'Client Computer Backups' folder), is it possible that the server could lose track of backup files as computers are removed from the server, such that there are backup files that are abandoned in that folder and would therefore never be deleted?


Would cleaning up the database take care of those extra files, should they exist?


Or does the weekly cleanup task scan all files and if they're not tied to an existing Device they're deleted from the folder?


Thanks for your help!

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I've moved on to 2016 for some time now, but I recall when I deleted a client it gave me a choice of keeping the data around, at which time it put the machine under a different twisty like 'archived' or 'old', memory is fading... when you remove it from that twisty I would see no reason for it to keep the data any more.


on the other hand any software can have bugs....

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