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Add more than 4 HDD on Gen8 Microserver


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This question might seem stupid, sorry.

I'm using 4 SATA HDD in the main bay of my microserver Gen8 + 1 SSD.

I was wondering: can I add more SATA HDD?

If so, do I need to buy new hardware controller or only new wires?


Thanks a lot!

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If you don't have an optical drive you can get a few more drives in there, you will need some sort of card though to do it.


the SDM if you can find one will let you put upto 4 2.5" drives in there, you can put one where the optical drive goes and with a bit of wiggling and cable work you can get 2 in the void between the optical drive tray bit and the top of the drive bays..

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1 hour ago, Trig0r said:

There's links and threads in here for the SDM made by resident @schoondoggyyou'll have to find someone local to you to make them or find a used one, the blueprints were on here somewhere.

What is SDM?

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Thank you.


This SDM would be nice :) !

But actually, my original question was more: how can I technically wire others HDD to my MicroServer Gen8? I mean: four original cases are already used by 4 HDDs and I already use an SSD instead of the Optical Drive.


So if I want to attach 2 more HDDs or more SSD, what should I do?

Do I have to buy a specific card?



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Yes a card is required, obviously you are limited to what a Gen8 can power, and cool (some expansion cards can get toasty).

There's a few card recommendations on here, I had an HP Pxxx something or other when I had my Gen8, nice cards, cache, battery backup.

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Thanks a lot :) !

Which one would you recommend for only 1 or 2 SATA ports? I don't need hardware RAID.


And other question: if I want to add 1 or 2 3.5" disks, do you think I will need extra fans to cool it?


Thanks again for your help :)

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