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16GB RAM on Microserver HP hstns 5151 ?


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I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to show my server 16gb of ram. Currently it mounts two 8GB ram and at startup they are detected correctly. Once FreeNAS is started, however, only 8gb is detected. Is it possible to do something?

The server is: HP Microserver hstns 5151


sorry for bad english

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the weird thing is that when it starts up 16GB of ram is detected. Even entering the bios it detects all the ram. Then when FreeNAS starts up, only 8GB is detected (1 bank only).
I looked in the bios and found these entries, but I don't know if I have to put my hand to it:

HT Link Width Controlo [Enable]
TOT Time Override [Disabled]
GxNBPstateDis Support [Disabled]
Bak Interleaving [Auto]
Channel Interleaving [Auto]
Enable clock to all DIMMs [Disabled]
CS Sparing Enable [DIsabled]
Memory Hole [Disabled]

Maybe I need to enable some of these items? can anyone give me some advice? Thanks

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