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920+ vs 220+ and ultimate decision


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I went back and forth between the 220+ 720+ 420+ 920+ , I purchased the 920 and 220 to test out side by side and ultimately I could not justify the cost of the "higher end" model because it really was not all that more powerful in my usage scenario ( plex- backups-file sharing) after researching the processors- ram usage and network speed limits. I also felt the nvme cache was a waste of drives and money, I kept the 220+ because I need something now and it fits my storage needs for the moment, but eventually I think I will build a server because these units are just too underpowered for what I want....I run plex through my gaming rig which works flawlessly so I think a server will fit my needs better and run my cad database off of. 

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Thx for the update. Always good to hear about real life usage scenarios.

I use a lot of the Applications that are part of the more advanced models (like you have tested out).  And they are really great for my purpose. 

I do, however love a “real” server :) (and I do run a couple of them

as VM’s) but the Synology performance and available apps are a

perfect fit for my daily use.


But I do agree that the “+” models from Synology, populated with drives are not cheap at all.



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