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HP X510 too slow?


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My X510 HP Media Server is running extremely slow?


- I have disabled the disabled TwonkyMedia


- I don’t have any other media sharing options enabled


- I don’t have any add-ins running


- I am on a gigabit network


- My Home Server has a static IP address


- I have remote access turned off


- The server has 2gig of RAM


- Typical CPU utilization is around


Sometimes when I connect to the server I see this screen 1 minute before I can view the console.



Any suggestions would be appreciated.





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Your console is slow to load? But otherwise, file transfers to and from the server are normal? My money's on demigrator. RDP in, bring up Task Manager, and look at how much CPU demigrator.exe is using. Actually, sort by CPU usage and see what rises to the top.

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Looks like it's due to the HP addition to the console. I had this happen on my 510 although it was a little different. I had no data in the overview screen like you show above. Something got corrupted in it and it just stopped functioning. Console load was sluggish as well. I did a server recovery to rectify it. Probably not what you want to hear but that's what I did.

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