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NAT loopback issue?


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I think this is some kind of NAT loopback problem, but I'm clueless as to how to fix it.


AT&T 1GB ftth with Arris BGW210-700 gateway:

-Public IP 75.x.x.1

-DHCP - and gateway address
-Firewall, WiFi, Packet filter all off

-Port 1 goes to my Asus RT-AC88U (running Merlin 384.19)

       IP-Passthrough > DHCPS-fixed > MAC address of router
-Port 2 goes to a Windows 2019 web server at (static)

       NAT/Gaming tab set to forward ports 80 and 443 to the web server


Asus RT-AC88U:
-WAN set to Static IP of the gateway's public address: 75.x.x.1
-LAN gateway set to with DHCP -


Web server:
-Windows Server 2019 running Apache Wampserver with virtual hosts set for site1.com and site2.com
-DNS at domain registrar for site1.com and site2.com both point to 75.x.x.1


From the LAN (192.168.101, for example) I can browse to and pull up the default localhost Wampserver page. The problem is that I can't resolve names for site1.com or site2.com through my ISP (needed to pass server name to the Apache virtual hosts file) because I'm trying to call the external IP of the gateway from inside the gateway. Packets go straight to the internal web server.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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So looking at your setup, it looks like your double NAT? If so that could be probably is the reason why your having trouble.


I suggest you put the AT&T IN "bridge" mode to disable all routing and use the ASUS for all routing.


Also are you sure port 80/443 is not blocked by service provider? You can run a port check tool such as https://canyouseeme.org/

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