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How much data do you have on your WHS?


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Microsoft is saying a normal user is 2TB or less. They didn't come right out and say that but in certain limiting factors of the backup system in WHS2011 the statement is true.


I'll share my data usage below.


Music 48GB


Video 101Gb


Photos 67Gb


HD Camera 214Gb


Public Docs and Software 207Gb


Dave Docs 4Gb


Spouse Docs 3Gb


So far I am a normal user at 644 gig worth of files that I would like to have backed up. Here is where I may stray from the norm.


Recorded TV 320Gb I do not duplicate recorded shows so I can't really count this. I can easily add a drive to WHS2011 and use it just for TV.


DVD 940Gb These files I would like duplicated in some way. I have the space in my server now so I duplicate them with v1. I would probably run two drives in a mirror on 2011. 2TB drives would give me a lot of room to grow as I don't rip Blu-Ray all that often.


Portable Movies (DVD’s converted to portable format) 111Gb Again, these could go on the same mirror as the DVD's. I could always recreate the rips and conversions if need be.


It looks like I'm somewhat normal after all.(in data requirements that is) My drive scenario in WHS2011 looks to be the following:

One 2TB drive in the server to hold data and backups.

One 2TB drive external to backup all of my data.

A mirror of two, 2TB drives to hold DVD media files.

One 1TB drive to hold recorded TV.

OS will go on two 250GB 2.5" drives in a hardware mirror.


There will be data from computer backups to consider as well. Those will count against the 2TB data drive as I will want to duplicate them to a backup.


And I always thought I was an enthusiast. Are you normal?

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Figured I could just show my Folders directly in WHS v1. I do duplicate my Recorded TV files but do not back them up off-site.


...and 349GB of PC Backups.







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I have...


6.2 TB of movie rips (just finally finished ripping my 600 DVD collection).

3.2 TB Software - This could be lost as it is mostly ISO files from my MSDN account, however having them handy on WHS is better than carrying DVD's all over the place.

3.1 TB (and growing Home Movies, we record HD of kids in plays, playing sports, birthdays etc)

75GB Photos (This is growing almost daily, but not at a large pace).

120GB+ Music (Entire CD Collection rip).

225GB Documents from old tax records, to reciepts to personal documents.

75GB Visual Source Safe - My Work related files.


Recorded TV shrinks and grows, some shows we delete after watching, others can sit there indefinately currently we have 1.28TB of recorded tv, we have 2 teens in the home that record all kinds of stuff and we usually "bank" some of these to convert to divx for road trips when we head to the great outdoors in Northern WI in case we get bad weather. I would say on average this site somewhere around 2TB and gets deleted when there is nothing going on during weekend as stuff gets watched. I do not duplicate recorded tv.


This is all after a recent purge of older software and recorded tv and duplicate files.


So I guess I am not an average user. I know my Parents, brother and sister also have well over 2TB of home videos alone as both my brother and sister had children this past year and my parents bought them HD cam corders right away... and they are not afraid to use them trust me, I get emails to view them all the time... ah home movies of the nieces and nephews...


I also know there is no way I want to rip my dvd collection again, no way... no how... it takes way to long. Music was not so bad because I picked up a Sony Firewire changer, ripped all my music automatically (200 cds at a time), then sold the changer, but I still would not do it again. We do not keep our CD or DVD in the house anymore, they are in boxes in the garage just keeping them to prove we own the media, everything is digital.


I currently run an unRaid server in my garage and do full WHS backups to that about once a week. I started to think about using WHS v1 for this and V2 for my in home server but the nightmare of sharing all that is just something I do not want to do, it is either DE, unRaid or similar or I might as well just make it another part of my workday, which defeats the point of a home server. This is why it is V1 or something else for me, 2011 is not an option for me or anyone in my family.

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forgot computer backups...


We have:

1 - Win 7 Pro Workstation.

3 - Win 7 Home Premium Desktops (1 each teen(2) - also used as bedroom htpc's, 1 wife).

3 - HTPC's (Living room, Kitchen, Bedroom).

2 - Win 7 Laptops

1 - Win 7 Basic HP Mini.

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Here is my folder share breakdown... 423 GB total


Bookshelf Folder (cut and scanned to PDF books and Magazines) - 9.77 GB

Home Videos - 423 MB

Personal Documents - 32 GB

Music - 62.8 GB

Shared Documents with Spouse - 195 MB

Photos - 13 GB

Public Folder - 2.8 GB

Recipes Folder - 223 MB

Recorded TV - 7.8 GB (currently I don't use this folder and i would not want to duplicate)

Friends Folder - 146 MB

Software - 113 GB

Videos - 179 GB (this is mainly ripped DVDs to WMV portable format)


PC Backups are an additional 141 GB

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My server currently has 6.5 TB of total space and 5.4 TB is used.


Home Videos - 2.2 TB

Personal Documents - 19 GB

Spouse Documents - 500 MB

Music - 51 GB

Photos - 60 GB

Public Folder - 200 GB

Software - 1 GB

Movies - 685 GB

PC Backups - 683 GB

Duplication - 1.5 TB

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I do not know where to start. I have things broken up right now while I build confidenc in my production ready server for 2011. Some data is duplicated between the 2011 and 2008R2 servers.



Server #1 (V1) Total Space on server is 8T


2.5T of just data, music, backups for 3 machines and photos. 3.5T used with duplication. No media of anykind



Server #2 (2008R2) Total space on server is 10T (RAID 5)

4.8T of Only Movies


Server #3 (WHS-2011) Total space of the server is 12T (RAID 5)

3.5T of Various plus 3 mahcine backup

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