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Hey All,


I just finalized an upgrade to the forum.  It's been available for a while but there were a few bugs so I think it is ready now! I pushed it out and you may find a few wonky items here or there.  Just report them here. There will be a few changes going forward too.

I'm going to disable the dedicated app soon.  I'll be moving back to the regular TapaTalk app.  If you like the Android or IOS app it may still work.  I'm also disabling all social login capabilities.  It's quite a lot to keep up with so I'm going to "ixnay the ocialsay."  Figure that code word out! LOL

Dark theme is pretty messed up.  I've only enabled admins to use it for now until I can sort it out.  Sorry to blind your eyes if you were used the the dark theme.

Thanks for stopping by.



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Wauw! Forum upgrade! Nice to see some love for the forums. Editor looks nicer.


I don’t mind the extra tan so no worries about the theme.


No bugs encountered so far, and the app wasn’t available in the EU (or at least not the Danish 🍎 AppStore) anyway.


I think you are going to skip/ignore the social media stuff :)



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