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SMR harddrive for Client Backup?


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This is not really Windows Server Essential R2 specific but more like WHS 2011 - 2016 Client Backup specific, but I didn't know where else to post ist.


Does someone here has experience with SMR harddrives? I know that they don't have the best image but then again manufacturer just sold them without people knowing. Also it's bin about 10 years now since they first arrived to the market. So if they had "a lot of issues" those should've been fixed by now?


The thing is: I don't really care about speed. All I do care about is, that the Client Backups work without a Problem. Actually right now I have a certain drive, that I would prefer but sadly it's SMR only (2,5'' 5TB).


Are there people here who have used them? Are they "good enough" for Client Backups to handle? 

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SMR drives are fine for backup purposes. Lots of sequential writes and large blocks of data is handled fine by SMR drives.

They fall short when there is a lot of random single block writes as it requires a lot of additional reads, caching and writing due to the way SMR technology works.


And NEVER use them in a RAID 5/6 configuration. If a drive fail, it will never finish rebuilding the RAID (due to the insane amount of the above mentioned random writes). I've never experienced it myself, but I have heard from other people that after a week, the RAID was still not rebuilt and for some et just failed after some days.


But in a single drive or a RAID1 (mirror) configuration, I wouldn't worry about the SMR technology. I'll ljust be happy with the extra space for the same amount of cash :) 

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