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So, Frankenbuild refresh


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So, I had the Gen8, spent more on it than I should have, then replaced it with a self build, i5-3470, 32Gb RAM, mATX.

Well, the Node 804 was a bit big, so I've shrunk to a Node 304, iTX build, Ryzen 5 3400g, x570, 32Gb.


However, some of the drivers for Server 2019 are proving a bit hard to find, so I'm thinking, should I switch to Win10, or something else?



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Depends on what you are going to use it for. Take a look at unRAID. Good for storage and virtualization. Good support for a fair price.

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It'll be storage and some VM's.


Spec was.

Server 2019


Intel Quad Port NIC (All 4 ports teamed for the VM's, onboard was for Server)

Storage Adapter (4x 3.5" Spinners for Storage)

2x 250Gb SATA SSD's, 1 for OS, 1 for VM Storage


32Gb DDR3



Spec is now

Server 2019 (For now)

Intel Quad NIC as onboard Intel isn't picked up by the ProSet installer, or any other Intel s/w

Intel WiFi, this works but will probs disable it as not needed

Ryzen 5 3400g

32Gb DDR4

1x 500Gb nvme drive for OS

1x 500Gb nvme drive for VM Storage

4x onboard SATA for the spinners


As I'm on iTX now I've only got 1 slot to put stuff in, not sure which way I'm going to go atm, if I can get the onboard NIC to work then I might just use that for everything as theres not a huge amount of network traffic as its all internal to the machine between the VM's and the only out traffic is Plex really.

I could also probably get away without using the storage card as well, the board (Aorus x570 Pro Wifi) has 2 nvme slots and 4 sata, that'll cover me and if I dont use the Q-NIC or Storage card thats more room for airflow and less cards generating heat..


If I dont use the NIC or the Storage card then I could in theory use Win10 and drop Hyper-V on there and just use that, then, worse case scenario I have an actual PC I can use if mine dies for whatever reason, plus with Drivepool and Scanner on there all of my data is on NTFS partitions, I'd loose Data Deduplication but I only use that on my VM storage drive at the mo as its only 250Gb, moving to 500Gb would at least delay any space issues on that front.


I kinda think I'm going to go down the Windows front, ease of storage management with the Stablebit stuff helps, as does my existing Windows background.



Anyone else using Windows 10 in any sort of "serverish" roles that has come up with any issues or plus points?


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