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QNAP ransomware suceptability?


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Got patched last week by QNAP   kinda soon after a patch a month or so ago.  Looked into why and found out



2ND such vulnerability this year in QNAP




never got notified directly by qnap, but if you look into the release notes for the firmware patch , you find a casual reference to this



I may just be that I am not on the lookout, but I dont seem to see any similar things happening on other platforms such as synology?


Is this a fair statement ?      what has been the experience of synology/drobo/etc   users?



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If you have a device registered with an company, I would expect them to reach out to you knowing exactly what product you have..


I had QNAP's globally at one point and it wasnt until someone posted something on a tech forum that I knew we had a problem, granted this was 6+years ago but still..

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I agree with trig0r, they should of notify you. I have a bunch of Synology spread out across friends & family and haven't had any problems.

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