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I'm trying to make sense of the remote web access in Vail and Aurora. I use the .homeserver.com and .remotewebaccess.com addresses to provide DNS for remote access (I tried using my own domain, but without an SSL cert, it doesn't work). I found out that using these services actually issues a valid SSL cert to the server. However, the certificate is for an address that is resolved externally, and I find myself unable to use in when I'm inside my LAN. This means that when I connect to the server, I have to use the local name, which doesn't match the certificate. Anyone have any suggestions on to make this work? I've thought about putting openwrt on my router so that I can override some of the DNS mappings, but it seems like there should be an easier method than that to make things work. I suppose I could take geek-accountant's route and set up a box with pfsense and whatnot, then I'll have plenty of control over my network.

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