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ML30G9 with E3-1280v6, 32GB limit?


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My HPE ProLiant ML30 Gen9 is running for a while now as my home server. Running VMware ESXi with different VM's and some VM's with containers in Docker I was lookup for a bit more processing power for the CPU. It has 64GB of memory (4 modules of 16GB) installed.


The ML30 came default with a Xeon E3-1220v5 processor, where the documentation specifies that a Xeon E3-1280v6 is supported with part number 873298-L21.

So i've bought a E3-1280v6 from eBay and upgraded my ML30.


The problem is during the initial "memory training" phase the BIOS performs only the 32GB are configured as usable. The E3-1220v5 works flawlessly with the installed 64GB, but the E3-1280v6 seems only capable of addressing 32GB?


The modules are 16GB from Kingston (KTH-PL424E/16G), printscreen with the E3-1220v5 installed;



I've checked;

  • Latest available bios is installed; U23 v2.82 (04/04/2019)
  • The Memory Clock of the DIMM's (2400 MHz) looks compatible for the CPU


I've found a similar question on the support forums of Intel, but unfortunately no solution.


Hoping that somebody here has an idea how I could solve this?

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Last weekend I thought I'm going to try again if I can the E3-1280v6 working in my ML30 Gen9. I've updated the bios to the latest version U23 v2.90




Unfortunately still stuck on 32 GB, but I have some more insights in the why. Maybe with this information someone can point me in the right direction to solve this?


It seems that the processor only can address 2 of the 4 memory banks.




Socket 1 and 3 are in use, 2 and 4 not (because the minimum voltage is N/A?)


I've try'd several combination;

* Only 1 and 3 = works

* Only 2 and 4 = works

* Every memory bank separate = works


But when alle four memory banks are filled, it seems that only 2 of them are used.


Are there different SKU's of the E3-1280v6 somehow or am I missing a setting in the BIOS somehow or am I out of luck?

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