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ASUS AiMesh AX6100 WiFi System (RT-AX92U 2 Pack)


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Hi All;


I'm getting ready to move in a month and the new place I'm moving into (rental) has strict restrictions on what I can do to the premises. I need to have anywhere from 20 to 30 feet away from the centrally located modem/router. And 1 of these locations require either purchasing multiple wifi cards or using some type of mesh network with a dedicated back haul channel for maximum bandwidth.


This would not be an issue except I also need VOIP and the Fritz!Box 7490 that I use includes this functionality built in and works with the NBN (National Broadband Network) here in Australia. I realize I could use a VOIP ATA adaptor, but then I have just one more thing to plug in to a router and configure. And my Fritz!box is the modem.


The way I think this would be best to setup is get the ASUS AIMesh AX6100 WiFi System (or something similar), set it up as an AP, hook it up to the Fritz!Box via ethernet, and turn off wifi on the Fritz!box.


Does this sound like it would be the proper way to do this? A 2 pack of the AX6100 runs $649.00 here in Australia. I want something that works. The AX6100s include 4 Gigbit nics and have a dedicated backhaul channel which would work out for the room that needs all the bandwidth.


Looking forward to your responses.



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I switched to a wifi6 mesh network with wired backhaul and have been very satisfied. Fast and consistant wireless throughout the house and i still have a wired connection available in my home office on the 2nd floor to the router in my basement

I went with TPLink Deco AX3600, the ASUS units you mentionrd also look very good

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11 hours ago, nrf said:

since you have provided the wired backhaul, isn't the "mesh" part being unused?


The 2nd AP backhaul will be via the 2nd 5GB WiFi channel. Can't run wires in the walls on this house.


I've kinda re-thought my whole setup. The Fritz!box will be put into bridge mode and the ASUS will do all the dhcp/routing, etc.


I've purchased a Grandstream DP752 Long-range DECT Cordless VoIP base station and DP730 DECT cordless phone for my VOIP needs.



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