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Finally DONE - CPU upgrade, Noctua FAN


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Hello, congratulations for the work and commitment, which I imagine it takes to complete such a project.


As for what to update first (BIOS or iLO4) I would update the iLO4 first as the old firmware has serious known problems, then I would update the BIOS with the latest version you can find for free on the HPE website.

For the fan speed this depends on many sensors that are on the server motherboard and you can see them from the iLO4. The CPU-specific sensor that is inside the Intel CPU is not what the system reads, instead the system reads a sensor that is placed near the CPU soket.
The BIOS has other fan settings which are fixed but cause increased noise

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On 9/9/2020 at 3:16 AM, Cap_peeps said:



It is known, that Noctua original brackets were longer in size, 75 vs 65 mm. So I had a luck and asked our local CNC machining store if they could make a new brackets for reasonable price.

So here we are: 65 mm brackets for Noctua fan.


pic 3:


(The new ones are not labeled)


wohoo! Definitely congratulations on the mod!

Can you maybe reveal how much did it cost you for these brackets? Some people use two screws but it’s... well, horrible.

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Is it possible to provide mech. drawings for these modded brackets?

I would like to get some made myself in order to install the Noctua NH-L9i HSF in one or more of my Gen8



Please advise.



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