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Most cost effective way to get a 30TB server


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Hi, our small business is considering buying a server which would give at least ~30TB of usable space (after RAID10) with a separate SSD for OS and temp stuff. We already have more than 10TB of data from previous years sitting all over the servers, and we'd like to consolidate everything. We would also be getting a separate NAS with the same capacity for backups. My first idea was to get a HP Microserver Gen10 Plus, because it's small, cheap, yet gives a decent CPU, up to 64GB of RAM, and allows simple installation of HDDs without the need to purchase trays. However, it has a fairly limited 180W power supply, out of which just the CPU takes ~70W, which makes me wonder if it's the right way to go if I install 4x 16TB WD Ultrastar drives?


It seems like any other options I consider get 3x more expensive than the microserver, usually give me a slower processor, and still seem to require buying aftermarket trays in order to fit larger capacity HDDs.


So, can anyone recommend a way to get something like Gen10 Plus, but with a decent power supply, and place for ~6 SATA HDDs, which won't be that much pricier? And ideally something where I don't need to wait a month to get fake trays from chinese eBay sellers?


Thanks a lot, and my apologies if this is not the right subforum for this question.



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