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WD support say 35oC optemp, as long as it’s not smr I’ll bang it in the server, see what it’s like with a bit of airflow.

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I thought with shucked drives, they put in whatever drives they had available -   even ones that didnt pass all the requirements for the OEM bare drive



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Possibly, get a drive that fails for whatever reason, drop its rpm, disable some cache etc, white label it and box it as an external...

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So, bit of an update to this one now I'm back from NBR..


I straight up asked the WD rep that I was talking to re my drive, what the specs of the drive that was in my external box was..


Left it overnight scanning, finished late morning, didn't throw up any errors and didn't go over 55oC.

Still seems a bit warm if the optemp is 35oC as per your comments yesterday.
I spent a bit more time on Google at lunch but still can't fully ID the WD80EDAZ, did find a table of what the model means though.
WD - Western Digital
80 - 8Tb
E - TB/3.5-inch
D - Enterprise Self Encrypting Drive
A - 5400rpm 256Mb cache
Z - SATA 6Gbps
Does that sound right to you?


He came back with this..


For the drives which do not use SATA interface, do not come under SMR/CMR/PMR. You may be right with the table and I am not able to verify that as we do not have any published info on that. Since, it did not throw any error in the test result, seems like you can trust the drive.


Seems he's not interested in the drive inside the case, just the box that it comes in and if it scans as ok then he's happy for me to use it with no knowledge of the drive that's actually inside the chassis..


Given the issues with Reds, and now drives being louder/warmer than expected, WD are really screwing themselves over here..

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Drive is shucked and in my server now, so temps are a lot better, still the warmest drive in the server, but to be expected given what we now know.


I have asked the rep I was talking too to pass along my dissatisfaction and that this will be my last WD purchase.

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