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Samsung SmartThing Mesh WiFi and Chromecast


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It has been a long time since I have posted hear.  I am a listener to the podcast and have found these forums to be helpful when I have run into issues on my home network and storage server.


I have a network issue, at least I think it is network, with my Chromecast.  I installed a Samsung SmartThings wifi 3 pack back in January of this year.  It was very simple to set up and everything was working just fine, including my Gen 2 Chromecast.  We use it daily to watch shows that I record with my Plex server and Silicone Dust tuner.  However, on Friday evening I was not able to cast anything except for music.  I did some checking and figured the best thing to do was to power cycle the Chromecast.  I have not been able to get it to work as all since.


I spent Saturday trying to figure out what was going wrong.  I thought that maybe the wifi was not working properly.  But the best I can tell it is working correctly with all 3 AP's online and functioning.  I can see the Chromcast is connected as is my phone that I am using to ruin Google Home to connect the Chromecast.  When I do that I can get to the point where the Chromecast connects to the wifi, but after that Google Home can no longer see it as available.  I can see it connected to the wifi router, but the app on the phone no loge has access to it.


I spent a couple of hours with a bot on Google support and the conclusion there a tht the Chromecast needs to be replaced.  So I bought a new one today and I have the exact same result.  I can go through the setup process to the point that the Chromecast connects to wifi, and then I no longer have access to it.  So it seems t me that the wifi router does something that isolates the Chromecast.  But it is something new since I have been using it daily on this same wfi router for several months until Friday evening.


Thanks for any help or insight that you can provide.


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What are you using to try and connect to Chromecast? Are both devices on same network. You need to check the network settings on both devices and make sure there using your router gateway IP address. Has there been a firmware update to the router lately that broke thing's. What is the IP address of the Chromecast and the other devices your using to try and connect to Chromecast?

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It's good to use Samsung devices with Samsung devices, because there may be compatibility issues... I have also faced a compatibility issues with my Samsung Galaxy Watch 2, it automatically disconnects  with my iphone after some time. 

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