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Reset All client backups


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I searched the forums, but haven’t been able to find the answer.


I want to reset all client backups on my WHS 2011 server. Is there a way to delete backup data and reset the catalogue to I can start over backing up my client computers?


Thanks for any suggestions......brian 

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Hey Brian,


Coincidentally, I was just looking for that same info. Here's what I came up with:


1) In the dashboard, select a computer in the Computers & Backup tab, and then choose "Customize Backup for the computer." Then disable the backup and it will ask if you want to delete the old backup files. Rinse and repeat for other computers in the list.


2) On the desktop, go to Start / Administrative Tasks / Task Scheduler. In the left pane of the scheduler, go to Task Scheduler Library / Microsoft / Windows / Windows Server, then select the task called "Cleanup". Click run and that should take care of it.


3) Once the cleanup task has finished (it takes a while), you can go back to the dashboard and set up new backups for each computer.


I hope that helps!



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