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I actually have a dlink 1024 unmanaged switch



Just a little uncertain if when I make the netgear an AP does that mean ports 1-4 become unusable? I know it would be easier if I was home but I'm on vacation and this is really helping me keep my sanity. Disney will drain you for sure. Lol

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I would not use the Netgears other ports but in a switch there and plug the AP into  the switch

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This post is a reply to pcdoc in another thread (didn't want to hyjack that thread with this unrelated topic).     pcdoc, one of the things I love about having my router (pfSense) and UTM (Untangle

agreed unless you need to dink with routing a lot it's pretty much a fire and forget solution. But if you have the need for heavy interaction of packet shaping/QoS/Porting etc.... PFSense is a lot eas

I don't recommend using PFSense in Hyper-V as it just has too many issues.   For the PFSense issue Open shell from the console create new document vi /usr/local/etc/rc.d/startup.sh and type


You would use 1 of the 4 Netgear ports to connect it to your DLink switch. I would leave the other 3 ports, and the WAN port, empty. If you left all 4 of the Netgear's LAN ports, and its WAN port, empty there would be no way for your wireless devices to get to your network.


I won't disagree with pcdoc that you might get away with 2 switches. It's just that 1 switch pretty much ensures you won't have issues, at least if it's a decent switch, which yours is.

So pfsense to switch

netgear (ap), essentials 2012 and UnRaid connection from switch . Got it.


Thanks you guys. Ikon I sent you a pm when you get a free moment.


-Semper Fi



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