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Dave, what's your setup in 2020?


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I've been following the Homeservershow podcasts, now RESET podcasts, since 2011. A lot of stuff has changed. Homeserver is long gone and replaced by NAS devices. Cloud is everywhere, streaming is everything and home media-stuff as we knew it is almost gone.


So, what's your setup in 2020 @DavidMcCabe? Is your server closet empty? 


Looking forward to your reply.


Have a really wonderful day.


Kind regards,


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Boy your not kidding things have changed. I use to have a rack in my basement full of stuff and now I just have one single NAS sitting on a shelf. I must admit this one single NAS works better then anything I ever had. It handles Cloud, backups, media, office applications.... Simply the best 


Thanks for sharing.....

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Have setup a Gen10 Plus server, virtualizing almost everything except a new Blue Iris server and a DS1019+ exclusively for local backups with all backups replicated to the cloud. Silent, sips power and barely takes up a single shelf in home office.

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