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making a computer part of my network over internet


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have been running server 2016 E for some time now, working perfect. several pc's here at home have the client connector installed, backups are made, and in the event of a system hdd/ssd crash, the restore function is a blessing

now the following.

as I moved quite a bit away from my father, who I have helped with his computer issues etc, there has became the need to make backup of his system to my server, and also restore  from my server. all over internet.


I have installed the vpn and have a remoteweb acces.


but somehow I can't get it to work.


as we speak, I try to have a laptop to connect to my network over a hotspot with my phone, so that is a nice practice.


anybody done this before and have a work around?

or tips??




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On WSE2012R2 I setup Microsoft DirectAccess for this. I think MS has since deprecated the functionality altogether but it did exactly what you wanted. It enabled me to add remote family PCs to the domain over their remote internet connections. They would turn each see the server via the server essentials connector and make nightly backups. They could also access the file shares.


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Just spit-balling here but I also encountered a similar problem in WHS2011, in that, clients that are on a different VLAN or subnet are not able to see or connect to the server.


The following "hack" made it work. Maybe it will work for you if you add the VPN's subnet into the scope.


Again, this is on WHS2011. YMMV with WIndows Server 2016 Essentials.




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