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N54LWon't Turn Off!


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Hi Guys, have a strange issue whereby my N54L won't turn off, it just reboots. The same behavior is seen when using Windows or Vmware, when shutting down, the server proceeds to start the shutdown process but powers itself up again immediately. I have tried resetting the Bios, removed the board and all components, re-installed and still the same. 

I moved the mainboard into a spare Microserver Chassis with the same result (to rule out any cabling issues). I have changed the RAM modules as well, with no luck.

It is worth mentioning that the onboard NIC no longer works either, I have replaced with a PCIex card that works fine. Holding down the power button for 5 seconds will turn off the server but immedately starts back up when it is released. I have compared BIOS settings to another working Microserver in my LAB, same results.

I am honestly out of ideas, spent way too many hours scratching my head over this one. the only way to get it to stay off is wait till the splash screen loads then pull the power plug, which is not ideal.

Anyone else have any ideas?

thank you!

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very thorough investigation. I suspect it is a motherboard issue given already one associated problem with it.

good luck

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I agree with nrf. That sure points to a hardware defect. I'll go one step further by re-flashing the firmware. That could just clear up the cobwebs... but that's just me. Given its unstable nature as it is, flashing it could potentially brick it. Do consider the risks when you go this route.


You can either live with this flaw, buy a replacement pre-used board, or just upgrade... it depends upon you and how critical this server is.







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I flashed the official HP BIOS (HP ProLiant MicroServer system ROM O41 (10/01/2013) ) then the Tobi_Oo modded BIOS


Same issue :(

I guess they meant to run 24/7, but I like to power down the servers that are not in "use" to keep the electric bill down, as it is, my Virtual Center and Pfsense run 24/7


Mainboards for these servers are like Hens teeth and seriously expensive! (Shipping to South Africa costs more than the board lol)

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