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Best Option to copy data to new HDD


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I'm currently running XigmaNAS with 4x 3TB HDD in Raidz2.

I need more storage, so plan on replacing this with 2 x 12TB HDD in a mirrored pool (and a couple of offiste backups)

I'm thinking to copy the data to one of the new 12TB HDD, then take the existing 4x 3TB disks out, and then pop the 2 new 12 TB disks in and build the mirror off the disk that has the data on it.

My question - what's the best way to connect the 12TB HDD to the Gen 8 to transfer the 5TB of data across to the new disk given the 4 standard bays are occupied? Can I use the ODD port?

The 12TB hdd are coming from WD elements desktop WDBWLG0120HBK-NESN


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