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Problem HP P410 Array Card in Microserver N54L


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I have a problem which I've been chasing for a number of days, and hope somebody can shed a bit of light on it.


I have an HP MicroServer N54L and I tried to add the HP Smart Array P410 card.  The server is running the O41 10/01/2013 bios update and the P410 is running the 6.64 firmware.


I installed the card in slot 1 and on startup the card is detected and initialized. In the amount of time it takes to open the BIOS configuration, set the boot order and allow the system to save and restart, the card is no longer detected and the boot fails. When the card is detected and initialized the ORCA can be entered and volumes created successfully. A work around is to boot from cold, enter the BIOS and set the boot order then save, allowing the system to self shut down but powering off before it tries to restart. Power the system about a minute later and the card is initialized as normal and the boot progresses to the array volume.  This will continue running correctly.  The problem then arises if you try to restart the system as the array card is lost and the boot order changes again.


To rule out a faulty card I have experimented with two similar cards on different and same firmware with the same results.


Temperature I hear you say!  yes I thought of that.  The cards run hot anyway and I've tried them in a standard mini tower running Windows 7. They perform as expected in this configuration.


I strapped a small fan on the controller heat sink getting its temp down to the high 20's.  Unfortunately this didn't change its behaviour.  The 512 ram was also running hot so I tried a second fan pushing air down the left side of the motherboard. I also removed the ram running it without but again no changes to behaviour.


And here I'm stuck hoping someone can throw a bit of light on it.

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Thanks for the reply.


Yes one card has a battery and the second has not. Both perform with the same result.

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