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Which backup app for Gen8 + Win 10


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Thanks and apologies for late response.


I have already configured an HD separate from the pool as part of my Macrium trial / investigation of problems, so I will see what I can do with your proposed setup.


I too thought that images were not the way forward, but I was surprised how much faster (~3x) the Macrium image backup / restore is compared to the 'Files & Folders' backup available - end even faster than my old N40L WHS2011 that this is replacing. Probably 90% of all my backup restores have been whole drive replacement of failing HDs, so this is a very helpful feature.


Macrium also has a single click feature to instantly map the image into Win Explorer, so when I need to restore individual files / folders it is very easy to do, so when I make a mistake editing large music files, I can easily go back through multiple previous daily versions to select the particular day's file I need to recover. I'm not sure sync will allow me to do this.


Longer term, I will look to add USB as you suggest to complete my backup strategy.



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2 hours ago, colinw said:

I use Drive Snapshot, been using it for years, one small exe file.


So it’s portable in effect.

I've established that Macrium only supports VSS through Storage Space, so that is what I just set up and is working well so far.


If it doesn't work out, I will try Snapshot, although I' not sure if it fully supports VSS (including writers)

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