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Windows 10 2004 broke 2016 Essentials Connector


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Just got the Win 10 2004 update and the Essentials Connector Software no longer works. I reinstalled the connector twice with no change. Anyone else see this?

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So I did another uninstall of the Connector software, and this time it took. Not sure what I did differently.


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I had to uninstall and reinstall the connector on the first pc that got this update. it was fine after that.

curiously when it was not working Essentials did not flag that backups were overdue.

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What I noticed on the Win 10 system before reinstalling the connector is that hovering over the connector icon, it showed as Connected to Server, and the icon was green. So there was no indication that anything was wrong. It was not until I went to rename the backups on the server that I noticed the last successful backup was the day before the Win 10 update.



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I have had this several times, almost with every major windows 10 update.

the essentials tray is grayed out, and with me light's out also has a cross


exit both lights out and server essentials.

uninstall both form windows apps

go to explorer, find following maps:

c:\program data\Microsoft  remove folder windows server


goto map:

c:\program files  remove folder windows server


no connect again through https:\\your server:connect

and re-install software

and after that maybe reinstall lights out


works with me.





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