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Installing SQL Server 2008 on WHS 2011


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I'm a database guy, a nerd, so why not install SQL Server 2008 on Windows Home Server, after all with DE removed, it should now be able to run applications without a hiccup. Some might say just get SBS, but I still want the media features in WHS so here is how I installed SQL Server 2008 on the Release Candidate of Windows Home Server 2011.


Running the Setup.exe file generates this warning...




We will keep that in mind an check windows update after the install to make sure all is ok.


Here is the SQL Server installation Center...




Clicking on installation starts the setup process...




Everything checked out ok so lets continue on...




Agree to the terms and the next screen will check the settings on the server...




All looks good except the windows firewall, past experience tells me that the firewall setting will not allow remote connections to analysis services cubes in MS Excel until it SSAS is allowed thru the firewall on your Window Home Server. This is not a show stopper and is a simple fix that can be performed after the install so lets continue on an select the components of SQL Server that we want to install...




Now select where you want the the application to be installed. This is important since the databases, reports, and cubes that you build will be stored in the directory that you select here. If you plan on building huge databases, make sure you select a drive that you think can handle the data. You can change the location later (I believe) however it never hurts to set it up properly to begin with. Since I will not have huge databases, I will leave it on the C:\ (where the WHS OS is installed)...




Checking disc selections made in previous step...




Next select how you want the various SQL Server Services to start when the Server starts up and re-boots...




Select your authentication method for the Database engine (how you will login to the SQL Server)




Breaking post up into two due to image limit


Select Analysis Services authentication and users...




If applicable select how Reporting Services will be installed on your Home Server. I chose SharePoint integrated mode since I want to try and set up a SharePoint site later. (It would be cool to set up a site so that my family can work on our family tree database).




Continuing on...




Validating Installation...




Preparing to install...




Screen shot of installation progress on the WHS 2011 desktop...




Post Install status report...




Post Install Summary Screen...




I went to windows update next to check for updates and see if SQL Server 2008 SP1 is available for install... this is what was available...




After installing all the updates I checked again for updates, but none were available and I didn't get the chance to install SP1, hmmm.... lets see if it will work...Success, I am able to connect to the database on the WHS 2011 box!!!




Hopefully this will help someone out there, next I'll try to install SharePoint 2010 and try not to break the default website on port 80.


Thanks for reading,



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Guest no-control

This is great! I would format the post into live writer and submit it to Dave as a blog post. Good Job! I would love to see other services running on 2011.

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Here is the follow-up on how to open up the port in windows firewall to allow connections between databases and external destinations (like excel). By default, windows home server (server 2008) blocks the port necessary.


CAUTION: Opening ports can have un-wanted results, do so at your own risk.


Remote into your WHS 2011 box and click Start > Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Advanced Settings.


Find and click on Inbound Rules > Click New rule > and the new inbound rule wizard opens up.


Select the port radio button > click Next > select TCP > and in the Specific Local Ports box enter 1433 > click next > Select Allow the connection > click next > In the profile section select the options that apply to your network setup > click next > give your rule a name and click finish. Now you can view database content from your WHS 2011 box on other computers!



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