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Windows Server Essentials on Buffalo NAS


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I am in the process of setting up a Buffalo NAS 6 drive model with Windows 2016 Server Essentials. I want this unit to be responsible for backing up all the computers in my home network. I also need it to perform bare metal restores. The NAS I am using has a basic motherboard with an Intel Atom D510 CPU. It's not much, but it is dual core, with hyper threading. The crux is the SATA configuration. It has 6 SATA ports, but no RAID at all. Not even "soft-hardware" RAID. From the factory they raided all six drives with Windows' software RAID from Disk Manager. 


I have configured the 1st drive to be a standalone WD Raptor 150GB C drive with no RAIDing what so ever. 


The other 5 drives are 1TB units, that I have bound up in a Windows Software RAID5. 


My Question is this: Is this setup ideal for Server Essentials? Or should I setup a JBOD? Or just leave them all in standalone drive units? 


I am coming from WHS v1 where all the drives are pooled behind the scenes. 


Any and all advise is appreciated, thanks!




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