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N54l and Remote Access card - Could Not Read BMC?


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Hi guys,


I have an N54L with a HP microserver Remote Access Card installed (like this), both the N54l itself and the card on the most recent available firmware.


The N54L is running the latest version of FreeNAS.


I can boot up and connect to a monitor through the RAC VGA port, and the RAC ethernet port has green lights.


When I F10 into the BIOS and go to Advanced > IPMI Configuration > Set LAN Configuration I get the attached.


Note I can set the gateway, but the current IP and Subnet mask are completely greyed out. From what I can tell its not getting an IP when I set it to DHCP and connect a network cable.


Any suggestions what might be causing this? I also have an Intel PCI quad-port NIC installed, is it possible that is interfering with anything?


Everything else works perfectly, and weird that I can set the gateway but not the other two settings...



BIOS Error.jpg

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For some reason I suspected the BIOS password might be causing this issue. Disabled the BIOS password and tried again, and the card is working as expected. 

Must be some bug in the BIOS, this isn’t a critical server for me and I don’t really need a BIOS password so just going to leave it at that. 

To remove the password in the BIOS, just go to Security, change password, leave it empty and hit enter. This removes the password. 

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