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Does the Echo Studio work with TV audio?


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I've had my eye on Amazon's Echo Studio for a while now. And today Amazon has a sale on a lot of their Echo and Alexa related devices, so to take advantage of this, I've got to move fast. One thing I wanted to use the Echo Studio for is connecting it to my Vizio TV. My Vizio TV is 3 years ago. It's a nice TV, adequate for our living room. It's about a 50" TV, but we don't have a large living room, so it's fine. But it is not a smart TV in any sense of the word. I've got a Roku Ultra, which currently is all the smarts I need at this time. 


When I first became aware of the Amazon Echo Studio, I got the idea that I'd be able to connect my Vizio TV to it. I have no auxiliary speakers to the TV; just the built-in speakers, which are OK, but honestly not great. So, back when I became aware of the Amazon Echo Studio, one feature which I thought the Echo Studio had was the ability to plug a cable from the TV's output into the Echo Studio, thus using the Echo Studio as an additional speaker. Thus the reason I've been waiting for a sale to come on. Today looked like the day for me to act.


But in reading through the specs of the Echo Studio again, I'm not as convinced that I was correct in thinking I could connect my TV to the Echo Studio, as I thought I could some months ago. So, I'm asking you all here, was I correct months ago when I thought I could connect my Vizio TV to an Echo Studio? Or was I mistaken back then; that the Echo Studio only connects to some other Amazon TV device?

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Checking out the specs, your idea will very likely work. The TV has the right outputs that matches the input on the Echo Studio.


However, one thing I can't answer is how the volume control will work after the integration. Some TVs have fixed-level line audio outputs and relies on the external amplifier or powered speaker (ie. Echo Studio) for volume control. In other words, depending on how the TV output is wired, integrating it with the Echo Studio might render the TV remote useless in adjusting the volume. I've read somewhere that you'll need a Fire TV, including its remote, to be able to control the Echo Studio's volume, in addition to adjusting it manually on the Studio or ask Alexa to do it for you. It's a little cumbersome.


Apart from the potential issue I've mentioned, I imagine the sound quality (Dolby Atmos) will blow you away.


Another option is to just get a purpose-built 2.1 or 5.1 TV soundbar.

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You may be right, oj88. I hadn't thought of any of what you said. I saw something about Fire TV on the page describing the Echo Studio. I don't want to go too far down that path. Maybe I'd be better off getting a 2.1 TV soundbar. I'll wait until The Echo Studio comes in, so I can see what's I'm looking at. Once I've got it in my hands, and presumably have a good user manual, then I'll see what sort of adaptive cable I can get. I'm thinking either Newegg or there's also a good cable shop in town I could go to. But thinking about what you're said, I'm going to keep the price down. Maybe even get a off brand. I want to see if this is going to work before I put much more money into it. If I find I can't make it work, then I'll get that 2.1 TV soundbar.

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