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Led Disk not working correctly?


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I'm using my Gen 8 with 4 disks, on VMWare ESXi 6.5 with the latest updates.


When I create drives together or separately in RAID 0, the disk usage indicator led works perfectly.


But, when I create RAID 1 drives, the disk utilization indicator light is on.





Has anyone noticed this? Have a solution?

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Sorry, I don't have a Gen 8. But when you say "the disk usage indicator led works perfectly", do you mean to say that it blinks when there's activity?


HP's documentation is a little vague on that one too:


Drive status LED:

  • Solid green = System on
  • Flashing green = Drive activity
  • Off = System in standby or no power present


So that can be "normal" under the first bullet. But it doesn't satisfy the 2nd bullet, as per your observation.

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It should only flash when in use.


But with RAID1, it doesn't flash, it gets direct access ...


This is bad, because I can't know when the discs are being used ...

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