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Gen 10 PCIe/NVMe Boot

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There are dual M.2 NVMe PCIe cards with no PCIe switch chip, but they are very dependent on the way the system board bifurcates the PCIe slot. On the MS Gen10 Plus, the only bifurcation option for the x16 slot is x8 + x8. If they offered an option for x4 + x4 + x4 + x4, that would likely work with the non-switched cards.

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I'm going to try and measure the power usage of the machine under load before possibly trying the Lycom DT-130 with the two NVMes. 

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My plan was to build an Storage volume (storage spaces microsoft) with 4x10TB (disks) and 2x1TB (m.2) and create a Tiered cached config. I've built a 8bay unit like this using a ASRock X470D4U2-2T, U-NAS NSC-810A Server Chassis and  LSI M1015 SAS9211-8 (HBA) for the disks. M.2 are on the motherboard and a SATA SSD is used as boot volume connected to onboard SATA.


Trying to accomplished something similar based on the gen10 plus. Got to figure out what to boot from though. Any ideas here?

I could settle for 2x10TB disks (or bigger) and boot from an SSD in one of the bays.


If bios is updated to support bifurcation 4x4x4x4 then this is not a problem as you can buy a cheap 4 slot m.2 pcie and have it boot from a 3rd M.2 attached to that.

I upvoted a thread I found on bifurcation in hp support forums, https://community.hpe.com/t5/proliant-servers-netservers/microserver-gen10-plus-pcie-bifurcation-support-issue/td-p/7092453#




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