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HPE P440 4GB RAID 6 Full Duplication Size


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Hi, good afternoon.


I'm going to create a RAID 6 with this controller and four 4 TB HGST Ultrastar disks, in a HPE ML110 G9 server.


From the SSA there is a guide of the instructions to follow when creating the different types of RAID. The guide indicates that for RAID 5 and 6 it recommends smaller band sizes.

When you are about to create the RAID, this last screen appears in which you indicate which size you want to choose, but I don't know which one would be optimal for the purpose I am looking for.

This RAID 6 will only hold data of a fairly small size, and will not have any operating system installed. Most files will be between 2 and 4 MB in size.


What is the mirroring size I should choose? This mirroring can be changed later when there is data on the system, but I prefer to leave it now in the most optimal mode, because later I also could not check if one size is faster than another when reading and writing. Thank you.




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2 minutes ago, Trig0r said:

Any specific reason you are going down the RAID front?

You only have to store one database.

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