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Mini - PCIe to SATA adapter ?


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Was looking at repurposing  my old HTPC for a backup server -    Good stable board but limited in how much storage I can add.   Only 2 Sata ports and a Single PCI X4 slot built in


Its an  MSI   AM1 based ITX board   and already has a valid win10 pro license tied to it  !


it does have a  half Height Mini PCIe slot on board.      I've found that you can get all sorts of storage adapters for this interface   -    2 or 4 Sata connections and even  PCI express x4 / M2 converters are available





This sort of interface is normally used for WiFi / bluetooth  


Has anyone had any experience in using this interface for a Storage adapter ?



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For mini PCIe, I have used this for SATA:


and this for dual port NIC:


They seem to work fine. On some systems you need to confirm it is a mini PCIe slot and not a mSATA slot. The only issue I have run into is the physical space with small systems from Dell and HP.

The only adapter I have used with M.2 is one of these to use a U.2 drive:


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Yea,  the form factor is not well supported .       The heyday of the PCIe slot  seemed to have passed a couple of years ago.  Even then mostly for Wifi and bluetooth      New stuff is either built into the main board or is in the m.2 format


My Motherboard doesnt support M2  -    it only supports a half height drive  , which cuts down my options quite a bit


I was able to source a  2 port SATA half height PCIe adapter  at a great price    so I have ordered it.   


Will report back -   great way to add some more capacity  on these limited boards. 

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Well  success!


I was able to source a half height mini Pcie sata adapter from ebay -  the vendor turned out to be less than an hour away in Indy.  


any way the card installed just fine and booted up  in Windows 10.  It  is recognized by the bios without a driver and even allows booting from this adapter.    Transfer speed is actually better  than what I experience with  the X4  PCI  express card in the only slot on the board  ~80mb/S  versus  60 mb/s   

The only possible snag -  it needed a 1.6 mm x  10 mm bolt -   the card didn't come with one.     Fortunately,  I had one in my shop


You can see how the on board sata port limits the size of the card you can install.    You can get a 4 port card and even video capture card but only in full height card.   


This was $14 bucks delivered off ebay -    you can get these from amazon for $30-40 bucks.    so If you have a M/B with an unused Mini PCIe slot ,  you now have some options 

pcie install.jpg

pcie2 boot.jpg

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