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Auto power-on when utility power comes back


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I have finally tweaked a couple of APC SmartUPS to gracefully shutdown all my servers and ancillary network equipment during a prolonged power failure. The UPS will also shut themselves off at a pre-determined time after all the equipment they're powering have shut down. Only when the following conditions are met, will the UPS power back on again:

1. Utility power returns, and

2. There's at least 50% battery capacity remaining.


I've got two (2) HP N40L servers that, by default, requires me to physically press the power button when electricity returns. It would be ideal to have these powered up automatically when the UPS switches on. However, I can't seem to find the setting for it in BIOS (flashed with the AMI BIOS Mod).


I need help in the following:

1. Maybe I missed it because the feature could be going by another name?

2. If the feature isn't really available in BIOS, what can I do to automate this process using WOL?


I'm going for a totally unattended shutdown and power-up.



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Found it!


It's at the bottom of the Main menu, hidden if you didn't scroll down. (doh!)

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