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Windows is activated


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When looking at This PC, with the view of basic information about your PC, for Windows activation, when it says, "Windows is activated". I presume that means that it recognized my license for WIndows 10 Pro, after I replaced my old HDD with an SSD, then installed Windows 10 Pro and validated my activation. That I now have a valid license installed on this new SSD.


Am I correct?

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All good.


MSFT have progressively improved the re-installation process for Windows 10 so that one no longer has to enter 25-character product codes ... or retrieve disks ... and from May 2020 rely on a manufacturer's recovery partition: the installation files can be downloaded from the net by simply selecting an option.

The OS recognises the hardware and its associated license and will permit limited changes e.g. new OS disk.


Better still upgrading from Widows 7, 8, 8.1 to Windows 10 is still allowed FOC and will result in a permanently activated W10 license. Great for giving a new lease of life to older devices, as you have seen.

In most cases upgrading an old device with an SSD for say £35 and free W10 is a sweet deal 😀


One can also (optionally) associate a Microsoft email account (MSA) with the machine license.


My guess is this would put you in good stead with MSFT for an extra change, say the motherboard failed.

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