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Windows 10 May 2020


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I have become somewhat lazy (using the in-place rather than the clean-build route) and bullish (reckless?) so made changes to all my machines this morning.

In general everything went slowly and smoothly ...


- DELL 7920 Windows Pro for Workstations

- HP Microserver N36 W Pro

- HP Microserver N54 W Pro

- 2x HP Microserver Gen8 W Pro

- LINX 1010 Leather Tablet W Home

- LINX 1010 Tablet W Pro

- CHUWI Hi13 Tablet W Home


… the only exceptions being 2 x LINX 1010Education tablets which run W Pro: here I received error 0xa0000400 after a message saying I was compatible and good to go.

Something to look at later … or wait for my turn.


So far the usual annoyances such as changes to windows positioning in Explorer and Edge but nothing substantial.

I also find it necessary to switch Network Discovery off and back on to make sure the shared file systems are visible in Explorer/Network.


Couple of nice, if small, things I’ve noticed already:

-          GPU temperature and disk type (SSD, SD, HDD) in Task Manager/Performance

-          In Security Settings one can dismiss warnings that there are no MSA accounts for Onedrive, giving a green tick in the notification area

Still no CPU performance graph for the Gen8 – maybe that’s my fault for not being at the latest BIOS level?


While I am critical of MSFT on other counts, I think W10 is one of the best things the company has done. Over the last month I’ve upgraded two old (7 and 9 years) laptops from W7 to W10 (still FOC producing a genuine activated licenses) and am pleasantly surprised how good the driver detection and provision is.


HAND (have a nice download)

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Yeah I'm a fan of Win10 tbh, as you say, even on older kit, a Win10 install and an SSD will keep even old machines chugging along nicely..

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yea big W10 fan.   remember how we used to have to reinstall windows every so often to regain performance


my current desktop is going on 4 years on the original install



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