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Gen10+ Anyone got one yet?

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14 minutes ago, Jason said:

Yes. Neither option worked with this particular card. It simply wasn’t seen as even being installed.

Cards like the AOC-SLG3-2M2 are very dependent on the way the server bifurcates the PCIe x16 slot- two x8 or four x4.

You may need to use a board with a PCIe switch chip on it like:


likely the same board from a different vendor:


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This is the go to link you need with a tonne of information in for all things Gen10 Plus.    https://www.servethehome.com/hpe-proliant-microserver-gen10-plus-ultimate-customization-guide/

Decided to buy one. Also saw ILO advanced keys are available free from HP for 2020.   Got this card. Couldn’t find one that allowed 2 x M.2 NVMe SSD drives though:   SilverStone Technology M.2 PCIE A

As this server supports PCIe bifurcation, I think I would try one of these for dual NVMe: https://www.supermicro.com/en/products/accessories/addon/AOC-SLG3-2M2.php

On 6/5/2020 at 9:11 PM, Jason said:


BTW this card does not work in the G10+ Xeon version.  Have tried all sorts of BIOS combos.  Cannot even get the card to be detected at all.  BIOS lists the PCIe port as unpopulated.  Haven't run across and threads anywhere that show it being tested with this system.


EDIT: also wrt to OS, I've settled on Windows Server 2019 (eval).  Still keeping my WSE12R2 Core i5 Ivy Bridge box as a Blue Iris and Plex Media Server with QuickSync support.  Moved all Hyper-V VMs off it.  Tried VMWare ESXi... just couldn't get into it.


That is a pity, I wonder if this would work, a lot of money though



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Nope, I'd like to trade my two Gen8s in for one, but I think it would still end up costing me too much to make the switch by the time I upgrade everything. 

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Yeah, I'm going to look at the cost options, base units seem to either be the G5xxx with 8Gb RAM, or the E2224 with 16Gb RAM, the RAM's not cheap, but apparently the 16Gb unit does come with a single 16Gb stick so at least you have a slot left.

I could probably just about run with 16Gb, my concerns would be around drives, I have 2 drives in my existing server, a pair of SSD's (boot and VM storage) as well as 4 drives for data so, unless anyone with access to a 3d printer prints some sort of replacement chassis where you can fit additional drives in, I really am torn..

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I just pulled the trigger on the Gen10+ with a few upgrades.  I currently have the Gen8 with an Intel Xeon 1245v2, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD and a couple of 4TB spinning drives.  I went with the base, cheapest model as there was no point in paying for the Xeon as according to my checks it didn't provide enough improvement over my 1245v2 and I wanted a decent upgrade for the cost.


The final spec is:


Intel Xeon E-2246G


1TB SSD + PCIe /NVMe card


iLo Enablement kit which I am still waiting for, but the rest arrives tomorrow.  A fun weekend project

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I'd be tempted with the cheapest model, then at least if I decide its not what I want/need, then I havent spent more than I need too on it, however I am very aware of how much I spent on my Gen8 and dont want to go down that road again lol

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Something else I was thinking about as well, the supplied power brick for the G10+ is 180w, but where do the rest of the components inside sit when it comes to power, there are other CPU's out there that'll easily push you over that 180w point E-2288G as per the STH review, gives you 8c/16t but will pull near 200w with just an SSD and some RAM.  If you managed to get a higher wattage brick, how would the rest of the internal components deal with that, are you also limited as far as CPU cooling goes, how about the rest of the power delivery on the board?


Current server is running an i5-3470, 32Gb RAM, 2 SSD's and 4 3.5" spinners, the more I look at it the less I can justify it, other than getting a much smaller unit sat on the shelf, I'd be losing out on everything else, and certainly not gaining anything in the way of internal space or upgradability..


Thanks guys, think this thread has suitably made my decision for me...

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I’ll throw a Kill A Watt meter on my G10+ today with CPU, 64 GB RAM, NVMe and Iron Wolf(s) and echo back.

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