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Win 10 Connector Problem


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Hi All,

I have built a WHS 2011 server.  All was well except my Win 10 PC would not back up to it.  Installing the KB281721 hotfix was done on the server and part of the process was to reinstall the connector on the PC.  I uninstalled from control panel.  I then had a ton of problems connecting to WHS 2011 connect webpage.  This turned out to be being blocked by the server windows firewall, which started working ok when I disabled the private firewall.
Now the connector web page comes up and initiates the install.  Connect a computer wizard starts up and asks me for the server name or IP.
Neither work.  Whether I enter the server name or the IP it says the server could not be located.
If I open the remote access web page from any device inside or outside LAN, I can connect to the server and carry out all you would expect.  I can connect via RDP, I can ping the LAN IP, I can ping the FQDN and WAN IP.
The server is showing in Network and all shares are browse-able.
I installed the find my server wizard and that failed to find it even using the command line switch with the <servername>

So how do I get the server connector up and running.

I have added theses ports to the router


3389  disabled at the moment until I can secure it better




I found 3 copies of windows home server in the listed devices and have removed all of them.


I am at a loss as to what to do next.  Hoping some experienced WHS 2011 server people know what to do next.......




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By the way, the connector was working fine up until yesterday, dashboard and all links etc working fine too.

Posting the above in Experts Exchange too to see if there's any luck there

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