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Reboots on Gen8


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I have a reboot problem on Gen8 every day.

The G8 has an e3-1265L V2 cpu, 16gigs of ram ECC and a 2008 sas expander connected to 4 3TB hdd. Esxi 6.7 installed on usb and a ssd evo 860 direct to sata motheboard.

I have replaced the PSU with a 300w and it remains the same.


ilo4 show everything ok in status. It only shows Flash card and reset server every time it fails.
Bios updated to the latest, ilo 2.73 and the rest of updates too. I dont use Sd cardilo


What can be the failure? I don't know what else to look at and I'm bored with this error


Thank you

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what time does it reboot or is it random. Is it once a day or multiple times?

I can't see the screen capture it's to small.

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The restarts were random and once or twice a day.


 I've already located the problem: esxi 6.7 u3. In the esxi log the problem does not appear, but I have tried with 6.5 and it works correctly. I reinstall 6.7 u3 and return the reboots.

Any component or driver crash and restart the server.

it's weird because the same system works weeks ago with esxi 6.7u3





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