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HP Microserver Gen8 : Most common hardware failures

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Hello everyone,


I am a proud owner of a MicroserverGen8 server for two years now.

It runs with a Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1220L V2 @ 2.30GHz with 16GB of DDR3, and a Software Raid5 of three WD Red 3TB disks (B120i in AHCI mode).


This servers works like a charm, running my personal production services.


I was thinking that the machine is aging and one day, I will have a hardware failure and I will have to replace parts.


In order to prepare this moment, would you share the most common hardware failures that you experienced with this machine ?


Some information would be useful such as :

- for how long your server has been running before failing,

- were your server running on a UPS (Off-line, In-line, Line interactive type),

- did an oustanding event occured before failure (lightning, power surge),

- how did you solve the failure,

- any useful link to repair the failure (forum link, online seller link to buy spare parts etc.).


Thanks and I have a nice day,



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Posted (edited)

My primary Gen 8 has been running since september 2014 24/7


The only thing i have noticed is the blue led is 1/4 of the brightness of my backup gen8 that one is off 99% of the time

and there is a touch of browning on the clear plastic on the 24 pin atx cable on the 12v lines due to the 12v lines running load through them and warming up slightly



Failure risks will be


1) PSU

2) 4GB Nand Chip that ilo uses

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