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MEM-DR316L-CV01-EU16 Compatibility


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This is my first post here but I've been lurking in this forum for quite sometime now, and from what I understand, the only reason that we couldn't achieve 32gb ram on the Microserver Gen8 was because there was no 16gb unbuffered ecc ram available before.


I was searching for a memory module meeting this criteria and I found this one. My question is, letting aside this ridiculous price, is there any compatibility issue that could make this ram won't work on the Microserver Gen8?


Most of the threads here about memory compatibility are quite old and I didn't want to revive an old thread just to ask this, so I'm creating this one.


Thanks in advance.

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The limitation is with Intel. This family of CPU can support 32GB of memory, but it is limited to 8GB per DIMM slot. I think people have tried 16GB UDIMMs, but they have not worked. 

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