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RESET Newsletter # 2


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Or is it number 3? 


Hello {member_name}, or can I just call you {member_id}, 



Welcome back to the RESET Newsletter. 

You are receiving it because you are a RESET Forums member at http://homeservershow.com.  Thank you for participating in this great community forum!  I don't send out many of these newsletters and I will never give or sell your information. Newsletter is online here - 

Folding at Home for COVID-19. Jump in with forum members to help the cause.  

Team 264443

Team Name - RESET Forums

Grab the software here - https://foldingathome.org/start-folding/

All downloads - https://foldingathome.org/alternative-downloads/


Start a conversation! We need some more chatter in the HSS Forums. Show us what you are doing during COVID lockdowns. Build anything? Upgrades? Wi-Fi? Just start talking!


Patreon Update

I just started mailing out new stickers to both past and present Patreon Members who have an address listed.  If you would like to support the RESET Podcast and Forums please consider a donation.


Speaking of Patreon, the $300 goal was to convert the Forums over to all SSD.  I decided to go ahead with this goal during all this COVID mess.  The forums are officially on a RAID 10 built with all SSD's!

Thank you to all who have supported.

What Hard Drives are you running in your System? 

You better check! Western Digital was recently outed for using a slower technology drive in its WD Red series. Seagate and Toshiba too?  Size matters in this case so check that story out here - 



Are you ready to vote for your favorite server? What are you running at home? Vote here!



I'm still on a NAS but have a StableBit system as well. If you have a Windows PC around you can build an awesome home server with StableBit products.  http://stablebit.com/resetpodcast Check out DrivePool, Scanner, and CloudDrive.  Test drive them for free! 



Have you checked the YouTube channel lately? Subscribe today!

(link https://www.youtube.com/davidmccabe

RESET Forums and RESET Podcast

Are you listening to and subscribing to the RESET Podcast yet?  Give it a shot.  Subscribe here - http://reset.fm/

That's it!  Thanks for reading down to the bottom! This is a simple e-mail list of only the members of http://homeservershow.com Forums.  Your address has not been sold and never will be.  There are no tracking mechanisms in this e-mail and I won't be gathering any data via your clicks. It's just a little information from the forums. If you really don't want to receive any more you can update your preferences here - https://homeservershow.com/settings/  Click Notification Settings.  I won't send out a lot of mail but I like the idea of being able to tell you about community events. Thanks for being a HSS/RESET member.  - Dave


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