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Gen8 next upgrade


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Hi Guys

In my HP Microserver gen8 i run on unraid, with a Xeon E3 1260L and 16gb of ECC ram, I have 3 x 4tb ironwolf for media 1 x ironwolf 4tb as Parity and a 500gb SSD for cache.

I recently heard that using the onboard SATA controller that drive 1 and 2 were sata3 and 3 and 4 were sata2 and I should have a proper raid controller?


I bought a IBM LSI ServeRAID-M1015 6Gbps PCI-E controller which I understand I need to flash into IT mode and I wondered

1) am I correct so far?

2) once flashed into IT mode and server reboots will it just pick up my raid or will I lose all my data and be requested to reformat ?

3) Am I best to only use port 0/1 on the card and one video on youtube the guy also uses the original onboard controller?


Many thanks


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You can run all four drives from the M1015. You could run the SSD on port 1 of the onboard SATA, then it would be on SATA3. You likely will not see much difference in performance of the drives, sustained throughput of the average disk drive is slower than SATA2. Moving the SSD to SATA3 should be faster as long as your SSD is SATA3. The M1015 in IT is JBOD, it should pick up your unRAID set fine. Have a clean backup just in case.

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